Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decisions, Decisions!

Izzy got invited to a pizza place the other day. (See, she’s getting famous already!) We thought about going Saturday. There was one little problem. We had already planned to go to the grill we had reviewed last month to watch the World Cup. Izzy dragged her soccer ball squeaky toy from under a chair and I cleaned it up. We were ready. Then came the thought of pizza!

We really should just stay home in the heat and try to assemble our new charcoal grill. That would be the practical thing to do. Since when is a dog ever practical? (I’m a triple Virgo so I don’t count.) That grill, however, has made the list of procrastination projects. It will be quite an extensive list if given any thought. Right now it consists of mowing the lawn and putting together the grill.

But back to our Saturday conundrum. When I ask Izzy if she wants to go see Annie, her eyes get big and loving and she gets a big smile on her face. When I ask if she wants pizza, she licks her lips. It looks as if the decision will be mine and mine alone. We may be in trouble. I have such a horrid time making decisions!

The original plan was for Izzy to go out to lunch with me once a month. Now approaching the third week, one week before out next scheduled outing, we’re considering revisiting that plan. Even though we can’t really afford it, we may have to do our lunches twice a month. (Still trying to find work so we can go once a week with an occasional splurge meal just for me.)

Any self-respecting triple Virgo would have this problem solved. She’d make a schedule of lunch outings and post it on a calendar. Random choices would work. Choices made according to a pattern (any pattern) might work even better. She could map out lunches for an entire year in a short time. Maybe I should look for where I hid my self-respect and get to it. It’s always good to have a plan. The hard part comes when you try to make one. Will planning “Eating With Izzy” get a schedule for the year or will it end up on the list of procrastination projects? We should know before the soccer game.

I’ve been making a lot of lists lately. While procrastination projects pile up, I’m thinking of making a list of them. Maybe tomorrow . . . .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eating With Izzy For Real

Our first column appeared on I pulled it up this morning and immediately posted it to my Facebook page. That was five hours ago and so far no comments have been made. It’s lunch time now and restaurant people are very busy. Writers without day jobs are probably so busy writing they have no idea what time it is. Those who go off to work each day are probably so happy to be away from the desk and computer I’m the last thing on their minds.

I don’t feel slighted. I’m not the most important thing in the universe, sometimes not even to Izzy. My major fear is that my link will get swallowed up on the page. Only three people in the whole world would be tempted to click “Older Posts” three or four times until they see it.

Relatively new to posting links on Facebook, I just realized anyone can find the article in my “Links” area. It’s highly unlikely that my activities will cover that up for at least another month.

Izzy was such a lady when we went out. She wants to do it again – and soon. It would be nice if we could go out once a week instead of once a month. As it was the trip to the farmer’s market and lunch ate up my entire food budget for the week. Good thing I have food in the freezer! I didn’t really need that cake from the market but it sure was good! It’s doubtful I’ll be able to eat all the arugula before it wilts into oblivion. Maybe my neighbor can help eat it. Their lettuce has all gone to seed so they might welcome it. Izzy decided she likes the little yellow tomatoes so they won’t be a problem. And the purple pepper was so good that it’s gone!

All I really need at the grocery store this week is fruit juice and that’s on sale (on a BOGO, no less!). Let’s see if I can get into the store and out again with just four bottles of juice.

I cooked chicken breasts for the weekend. They were big! It took two days to finish one. Tonight I’ll see how much of the Cajun spiced one I can eat. That and a simple salad of arugula and baby yellow pear tomatoes sounds like a good meal for the first of June.

As I was bemoaning the fact that nobody had commented on my link one of my friends did just that. She said she wishes she could try the restaurant. Too bad she lives in Knoxville.

In a little more than three weeks Izzy and I have to decide where to eat next. Knowing me, it will take every day of those three weeks. Knowing Izzy, she’ll be happy to go wherever I take her. She’ll be a lady again and maybe she can have a little taste from my plate (again).