Monday, January 2, 2012


There is plenty for everyone this month. January is Bread Machine Baking Month. Everyone who knows me realizes making bread has been one of my passions since Eisenhower was president. Of course, I made bread by hand back then. I think Bill Clinton was president when I got a bread machine. I used it to death. Still have half a bookshelf of bread machine recipe books. I may still use them.

January is also National Candy Month. Think I’ll start celebrating that when the Christmas candy starts to run out.

It’s also National Egg Month. Deviled Eggs may start the month or perhaps a frittata on New Year’ Day. Eggs are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I wouldn’t try all three.

Now, here’s something I can celebrate several times a day, all day, all month. January is National Hot Tea Month. Does anyone remember Iced Tea Day last year?

January also happens to be National Meat Month. That won’t excite my vegan friends but it sure will excite my dog Izzy.

Izzy’s not probably going to get too thrilled with National Oatmeal Month. Of course, she’d change her mind if the oatmeal went into cookies maybe with peanuts and dried cranberries inside. (Hmm, I’ll have to try those!)

It’s also National Soup Month. That could get messy for a dog. Come to think of it, it could get messy for some people too.

While you’re using your bread machine, or not, January is National Wheat Bread Month. Make it with your own two hands. Use your bread machine. Buy it in a bakery. Might I suggest a whole wheat bread? Maybe a sweet one?

The end of the list for January is Prune Breakfast Month. Prunes in your oatmeal?

This should be fun! Some months and weeks will be more fun than others. I’ll try not to get confused. That gets harder every month.


  1. Wow, Judy, this makes me want to haul the old bread machine out of the basement! Think I'll do just that.

  2. Your sense of humor really makes your blog fun, and Izzy's participation is a key element. I count on her input.

  3. Thank you, loyal readers. Please accept my apolgies for the lapse before replies. My hard drive died. It's a long story. Posted 2/27.